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Tight Ride » Bullet Hell Elements – 26 November 2023

We were debating this for a while, because adding distractions on screen would somewhat change the feel of the game. But in the end the reason the game is in Early Access is so that we can experiment, so…

This one is obvious. Flying damage numbers. Everyone has them, now we have them too.

Before when you rammed the enemies, you heard a sound, maybe noticed some lost HP, but you didn’t really feel the impact. Now when you hit someone you will notice it instantly. A lot of the weapons will also cause screen shake.

But our test group was surprisingly divided between “add this immediately, I want my eyes to bleed” and “I just want to chill and not get a headache”.

That’s why we also made sure that settings to turn it onoff are quick to get to, right in the Esc menu

There are other minor additions. Play the game and see if you notice them.

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We will appreciate any feedback

– Dev Team