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Overrun Survivors » Bullet Heaven Fest 40% off

Join us at the Bullet Heaven Fest on Steam, November 6-20, and get Overrun Survivors at 40% off!

Welcome to the Bullet Heaven Festival, an explosive celebration of reverse bullet hell gaming. You’ll be flooding the screen with your own arsenal in a storm of firepower that puts traditional bullet hell games to shame. Unlike the Bullet Hell genre, known for testing players’ skill and precision by requiring them to navigate through countless enemy projectiles, Bullet Heaven flips the script. Here, the barrage of bullets will be coming from YOU.

As you progress through the game, you’ll gain upgrades to enhance your abilities, eventually allowing you to blanket the entire map with your own unrelenting wave of projectiles. Survive and conquer in this topsy-turvy new genre, where the path to glory is paved with relentless offense. Your mission? To ascend to the heavens of ultimate power, obliterating foes with a ballet of bullets and leaving a wake of destruction in your path.

Enter the festival, immerse yourself in the Bullet Heaven, and unleash hell on your enemies! Enjoy a unique blend of intense gameplay, strategic upgrades, and visually stunning environments in our festival of firepower. Ready your weapons, the Bullet Heaven Festival awaits!