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Project Lazarus » Build 7.0 Released

With the migration of the Experimental Build 6 to main, we are in the final stages of leaving Early Access. Season 3 will begin officially when it leaves Early Access in a few days. Experimental Build has also been removed, so there is no need to select launch options any more!


Build 7.0 Release Notes
  • Added Season 3 entries
  • Added Full localization support
  • Added Parallax adjusted aiming
  • Added per level model for Drone Pod
  • Added per level model and animation for Orbital Striker’s projectile
  • Added boss HP bar (Stages 1~4)
  • Added button prompts for all buttons (even for Keyboard)
  • Added skip intro voice prompt text
  • Added full keyboard short cut support for the lobby
  • Added Assisted Mouse Aiming – instead of the cursor working as a directional guideline, it can be used to aim
  • Added Praetorian Aiming Guide
  • Added full translations for option settings
  • Added voice queues for the break time in stage 2
  • Added elite state for some surprise monsters
  • Added ability to skip intro voice
  • Added controller stick deadzone settings
  • Added boss death effects
  • Added cursor color settings
  • Added profile recovery options – you can now recover your progress based on Steam Achievements
  • Added basic training
  • Added new transition effects
  • Improved Orbital Striker to drop relative to screen space rather than a fixed radius
  • Improved Orbital Striker projectile animation
  • Improved upgrade panel UI to better show increase and decrease of reroll/skips
  • Improved input detection and some cases of double register
  • Improved intro sequence with simple animations
  • Improved multi-threading
  • Improved Vegetation rendering
  • Improved performance to scale more with gpu (Approximately 10%~25% improvement in mid to high spec hardware)
  • Improved Orbital Strike and Tactical Nuke rendering performance and style
  • Improved memory usage by keeping a static heap. This does increase total memory usage slightly, but requires less memory allocation
  • Improved stage perimeter wall graphics
  • Improved UI panel scrolling with controllers
  • Improved Japanese Translations (Thank you Toyoch)
  • Changed Leaderboard sorting to stay between boards
  • Changed Tactical Nuke drop radius to be slightly larger
  • Changed Drone Pod spawn behavior to be distributed equally between other pods
  • Changed Drone Pod critical scale to 80% from 30%
  • Changed Specter Damage from 70 -> 345 (See below for more details)
  • Changed mouse cursor to be a normal cursor in in-game menu
  • Changed Increased Level 12 Flame Thrower damage
  • Changed Increased Spector Damage
  • Changed Increased Tactical Nuke Damage
  • Changed Flamethrower reload times to start at 8.5 seconds from 12 and flatten at level 6 at 6 seconds
  • Changed Orbital Striker mechanics
  • Changed Challenger Mode now has 30 minute time limit
  • Changed specularity of Arctic Glacier for better metallic rendering
  • Changed Decreased Widow Maker Cannon damage 460 -> 360, Crit Scale 50% -> 35%
  • Fixed frame cap option not deactivating when vSync is activated
  • Fixed Caverium related achievement not unlocking promptly
  • Fixed New High Score text only showing up as English
  • Fixed option settings not applying in game under certain conditions
  • Fixed movement issues of Striker
  • Fixed announcer voice not pausing when entering menu and mid upgrades
  • Fixed rare cases of key clashes when returning to the game from menu
  • Fixed skip intro incorrectly displaying buttons
  • Fixed “warning” voice playing after winning a round
  • Fixed Mech stats showing raw numbers in the mech selection menu
  • Fixed weapons stats UI showing wrong before/after numbers
  • Fixed Safe mode not setting the resolution to the lowest possible resolution
  • Fixed death impact fx not playing for certain monster groups
  • Fixed Keyboard QE swapped in the menu
  • Fixed Weapon Stats UI showing wrong before/after numbers
  • Fixed Safe Mode not setting the resolution to the lowest possible resolution
  • Upgraded Game Engine