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Galacide » Build 12, with vocal TALENT!

We’ve had a big release on other platforms, and brought the improvements made along the way to the Windows version as well!

We’ve been lucky to work with 3 talented voice actors to bring the characters of Edrist, Ajax, Konel, and Bucket to life. Now, playing through the campaign sounds wrong without them. Their websites as well as many other changes you can check out below!

Unfortunately, this update is not yet available for Linux. We hope to bring that, and a Mac version to you very soon!

This is an exciting update that should bring a lot of energy to Galacide. Check-in on our Discord for more updates!

Check out our updates to Dystopia and Blade Symphony that has been released alongside this as well!

  • All characters now have voiceover audio for every dialog line in the game. Thanks to Madison Lee, Garrett Kiesel, and Wolf Williams!
  • Added outlines to player ships to make it easier to see your own ship, especially useful for when there are many players in multiplayer.
  • Any number of players can now initiate warp in multiplayer. The speed of the warp will scale with the number of players currently at the front of the screen.
  • Made the “Hold to Ready” bar visible at all times on the ship select screen until the player readies up.
  • Changed dialog text within the tutorial to show button mappings for the gamepad.
  • Changed some patterns of various Bit configurations in the Tutorial and the first Campaign level.
  • Updated Unreal Engine version to 4.24.3 from 4.20.1.
  • Gunfire volume now scales based on player count.
  • Optimization of various assets, materials, and lighting to improve performance on lower specs hardware.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Bit idle animations sometimes only playing once.
  • Loading screen should no longer stutter during loading.
  • Fade from black on puzzle selection screen should fade all parts of the puzzle selection screen correctly.
  • Missiles should no longer sometimes change direction drastically.
  • Snake Boss vacuum projectile should no longer fire backwards.
  • It should be impossible to become stuck in the tutorial by morphing Bits that are unintended to be cleared.
  • Player beams should no longer overlap while playing in multiplayer, causing Z-fighting.
  • The player can no longer select any ship by readying it, regardless of it’s locked state.