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Keeper's Toll » Build 0.6.8 – New Features + QoL

Hi Everyone,

This week’s build brings a few new minor additions to the game to spice up some things:

Environment Additions

Lots of new environment destructibles added to Linden Forest to help build out the vibe of the scene. We’ve had requests to expand on this more with unique points of interest and we think it’s a great idea and we’ll add a few new things as we remain in version 0.6.x of development.

New Additions

Lots of small additions such as a critical hit powerup, a new achievement, and loads of QoL improvements and fixes have been added.

Coming Soon

We are developing a new XP system to replace Gold for upgrading class-specific talents. Due to the work involved with developing this system, as well as our constant efforts to work on new content for version 0.7.x, we will most likely not release another update for at least 2 weeks from now, minus any hot fixes of course. Thanks for understanding.

Price Increase

The price of the game has been increased from $3.99 USD to $4.99 USD. Judging by the amount of content that’s now in the game, plus the effort involved and the cost of development, we feel the price increase is reasonable. If anyone would like further justification as to how we base the price of our game, feel free to reach out and we’d be happy to explain in full detail, but we are not trying to be greedy by any means. We are simply trying to charge for what we believe the current state of the game is worth.

Patch Notes (v 0.6.8)

– NEW: Linden Forest destructibles added – All sorts of new props to smash up and collect some souls

– NEW: Powerup – Critical Hits. While the powerup is active you have a 50% chance to crit with any attack

– NEW: Achievement – Collect 15 Tomes of Knowledge

– Added controller support for navigating over the skill icons and stats on the pause menu

– Increased spawn rate of props during world generation

– Knowledge Skill: Overheal – Boosted overheal % from 2 to 3% per rank

– Health potions now have an increased drop rate while overheal is active

– Shadow Monk: Vortex – Improved performance of code through various optimizations and refactoring

– Ranger: Increased the number of targets the wolf summon will attack on ranks 2-5 by 2 additional targets per rank

– Velya: Added a 1 second delay when spawning her X attack to allow the player more time to prepare for the move

– Chancellor Autlaic: Improved hitboxes and collision detection system

– Improved altar spawn logic to prevent overlapping of altars on challenge event platforms

– Bug Fix: Shadow Monk’s Vortex Combo Talent was scaling range much larger than it was supposed to be. Fixed and now properly scales

– Bug Fix: Damage text and debuff icons will now display at the proper position above the Wraith Enemy’s Head

– Invader: When sparring, the Invader’s speed is reduced by 25%

– Invader is now immune to Blind

– UI: Added controller icons to the Knowledge Menu to inform the player how to add/remove points while using a controller

– UI: Fixed level up navigation allowing proper button navigation between selections and re-roll button

– Refactored and improved the layer sorting code to account for extremely large value changes if the player runs far from the origin point

Thank you for continuing with us on our journey as we develop Keeper’s Toll. We appreciate all of your feedback and support, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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