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Keeper's Toll » Build 0.6.20 + Evasive Actions!

Before we discuss what’s new in Build 0.6.20, I want to talk about some new features coming very soon to Keeper’s Toll:

Evasive Maneuvers

Many players have asked about this or suggested it for a long time now. We were always on the fence, but we decided to try it out, and were surprised by how great it felt. Being able to dodge out of an invader or elite attack or avoid a boss attack just feels really nice and also plays into our theme and direction a bit more, especially as we move closer to v0.7 of the game. We’re finishing up the evasive animations this week, so in the next content update build we will be adding in a dodge roll / dash to the game (each character performs their own move).

We will have a breakdown with full details in the next content update, so stay posted for more details.

Boss Changes

Bloodsap, the current final boss of Linden Forest, will soon be removed from the game, but only temporarily. We will be replacing him with a new boss, Sporelord Rotwood.

The reason we are doing this is because Bloodsap poses a greater challenge for a lot of new players than other bosses. He has more mechanics and is trickier to figure out, so we feel that Sporelord Rotwood is a little easier to learn and would make a better end boss as this is the first level of the game.

This is not to say Bloodsap will be going away. In version 0.7 he will make his return, but we will not spoil how. We don’t want to spoil the evolution of the game and all the new content that is to come.

Sporelord Rotwood is a super fun boss fight, and we look forward to seeing how players tackle him. We’ll be adding a new Achievement for defeating Sporelord Rotwood when we release the update that contains him (most likely the dodge roll/evasive update).

Patch Notes (0.6.20)

– NEW Merchant Item (Common) – Frenzied Sash: Boost Crit Chance by 5%

– Halloween Event has been deactivated. We may add a toggle in a future update if enough people ask to bring it back. Not 100% sure yet, but we did intend for it to be a seasonal event only.

– Linked Passive Abilities that are dependent on Active abilities will no longer be presented to the player to upgrade on level up, unless the active ability is already rank 1 or higher. The following abilities are classified as linked passives:
Bogatyr: Earthen Might, Quake, Guardian’s Fury
Ranger: Nature’s Ally
Shadow Monk: Thunderdance, Echoing Strikes

– Added Indicator Icons for Cursed Altars and Challenge Circles, guiding the player to the location of the events.

– Added an animated glow behind on-screen indicator icons to improve visibility and help direct the player to important locations in the game world.

– Increased default Soul Collection Range and upgrade range

– Ranger: All quick shot, chilled shot and multi shot arrows will now properly rotate with the bow as the ranger changes move direction mid shot

– Banishing an ability on level up will now allow the player to select a new ability instead of closing the menu and resuming gameplay

– Level Up Menu now displays all current ability and skill values/ranks, just like the pause menu

– Talents Menu: you can now remove talent points 1 at a time, just like the Knowledge Skills menu. You no longer have to refund all points at once.

– Added a 1/2 second delay w/ visual effect when resuming gameplay on level up after making skill selection, to allow the player to prepare for their next moves without the UI blocking the view.

– Refactored code related to boss enemies and how data is stored, improving efficiency and structure for future scaling

– Necromancer: When loading into the boss lairs for Chancellor Autlaic or Velya, skeleton decay is now reset to full

– Necromancer: Bone Venom – Increase proc chance from 3 to 4% per rank

– Modified Soul Collection logic to slightly boost performance

– Reset key bindings to prepare for Ground Roll / Evasive Actions

– Bug Fix: When failing a challenge event, the indicator icon will now be disabled

– Added a Discord invite banner to the main menu

That will be all for this update. We’re planning to have the next update with the Dodge Roll / Dash + Sporelord boss live in about 2 weeks. There will be a bunch of other features and additions included as well. Stay posted!

As always, thank you for your continued support and interest in Keeper’s Toll. If you have any feedback, questions, bugs to report or anything else don’t hesitate to reach out.

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