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Primal Survivors » Bug fixing V1.06

Hello, Primal Players!

We would like to express our gratitude for your valuable feedback, as it has greatly contributed to enhancing our game. As a result, we have fixed several changes:

  • Sometimes, when the boss uses certain abilities or charges, the voodoo branch unlocks the target that was locked onto the boss.
  • The names of the bosses remain unchanged regardless of the current language in the game.
  • The term “Hearth” in Mammoth’s Hearth is a typo, and the correct word should be “Heart.”
  • Keyboard navigation in the Main Menu stops working briefly if the player uses the mouse. To fix this, the player needs to access another screen and return to the Main Menu.
  • The voodoo weapon’s upgrade with 2 projectiles does not target both on the boss, even when there is nothing else on the player’s screen. Sometimes, it fails to focus on the boss even when it’s close to the character.
  • The character “Tiger” sometimes fails to level up despite acquiring the necessary experience.
  • The options “Back” and “Next” cannot be selected using the keyboard.
  • Pressing “Next” on the upgrade screen takes the player back to the main menu instead of the Upgrades screen.
  • The skill descriptions acquired during gameplay are not translated into the current language of the game.
  • Some game assets, such as mushrooms, rocks, and bushes, overlap during gameplay.
  • The character is positioned below the tree assets

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our game. We hope these improvements provide you with an even more enjoyable gaming experience.