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Crafty Survivors » Bug Fixes – v0.5.0.3

Patch Notes – v0.5.0.3

  • Adjusted navigation for Beach Stage 7 using the controller

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug with the Croaking Peak’s mud rings as they were not dealing damage as they were supposed to. The attack is supposed to be hazard;
  • Fixed an issue with Agriana’s Chilling Mist and Soothing Sage not working properly with certain Foods, causing the character to be stuck;
  • Fixed the pre-requisites for Viala’s Weaving System skill “Emergency Vial” as it was available without getting the pre-requisite skill. Please, refund skill points to avoid any future issues;
  • Fixed a bug with Stages that would grant recipes/designs as rewards as they would show these as collectables on a level up after reaching the maximum level;
  • Fixed an issue where closing a Tutorial panel during a level up would soft lock the game;
  • Fixed an issue that prevented players to choose extra materials on a level up screen when max level of skills was reached;
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the controller from opening the Level List of buildings in the Village;
  • Fixed a visual issue with Stoverick’s and Viala’s Mail Backgrounds, as they had a mockup Village behind;
  • Fixed an issue with the Mail System as it would not open properly if a player closed it on a page different from the first one, regardless of the section;
  • Fixed an issue with the title of the Forest Swamp tutorial inside of the Help Section.