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Crafty Survivors » Bug Fixes – v0.5.0.2

Patch Notes – v0.5.0.2

  • Reduced the spawn time of the Frogolems on the Living Peak Stage.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the Alchemist’s skill tree where it was grabbing information from the Blacksmith’s tree for both the Weaving and Smithing Systems. Please, reset the skill points for Viala to make sure they are working properly;
  • Fixed an issue with the Alchemist’s skill tree on the Smithing System, where certain skills could be activated without their pre-requisites;
  • Fixed an issue with Deity’s Resemblance Marble Level Up descriptions, as they were showing their wood descriptions instead;
  • Fixed an issue with Deity’s Resemblance Marble version not working properly;
  • Fixed the Completion Jewel display for Viala, the Alchemist, as it wasn’t showing when completing stages in any difficulty level;
  • Fixed an issue with Botanic Marvel as it was not combining with other skills as intended;
  • Fixed a typo on the Azure Scare Menace name;
  • Added a failsafe to teleport the Corrupted Archer back to the battlefield if it leaves the boundaries of the Stage. We are still working on improving his collisions with the Stage to avoid this, but for now this will help players that run into this issue so they won’t be stuck in the and have to fail the Stage on purpose;
  • Fixed the display of the Buildings Levels showing greyed text at a few levels under certain circumstances.