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Novi Cube » Bug Fixes, Balancing and QoL

I read the Feedback in steam discussions and the reviews and addressed some of them in this quick post-release update.

Some other requests like Cloud Support is something I am working on. I have these problems on my agenda, but I have to ask for a bit more patience to get everything implemented and tested.

Version 1.1


– Fixed a problem where larger projectiles would collide with the Returner Bouncepad
– This was fixed by making the bounce pad disappear until the last shot is made
– You can now reroll level-ups by using upgrade tokens
– You no longer receive additional chance upgrades for Gold Tiles, when you have maxed out the chance on 100% with Cubi
– The Achievement “Elderly” was fixed. You now only have to reach Level 40 instead of Level 50
– Fast Forward is now a toggle
– There will be additional fast-forward options in a future update
– Projectiles now despawn when every enemy was killed (before that the game just sped up)

Balancing Changes:

– Shotgun starts with one projectile less and gets fewer projectiles for upgrades
– Homing projectiles home a bit more
– Homing projectiles start with more lifetime
– Homing projectile’s lifetime upgrades are stronger now
– Initial Chance for critical projectiles is now 25% instead of 10%
– Critical Projectiles get better damage options for level ups
– Explosive Projectiles get better damage up options on level ups
– Demo starts with less explosive damage (5 per Level up, instead of 10)
– The amount of projectiles you can get from projectile upgrades gets lower the more projectiles you have