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Strike Buster Prototype » Bug fixes and red gun customization

It’s been a week since the official release! We are repairing and improving the game. But some problems take time, we have made the following fixes this week:
-Re-adjust the sound effect volume, now the default volume is set to 80%
-Added new achievements for killing Spikes, Zhao Laoding, and Doozi
-The selling mode will be automatically closed when exiting the weapon menu
-Fixed a bug where the relic information on the pause interface might not be displayed
-Fixed the stuck problem caused by the sledgehammer red gun

We are still fixing some other minor issues. We will update it next week. A major update of our game content will be released at the end of June, we will add new mode, new relics, new boss and so on.

This week’s red name gun customization also started again, and the ranking list has been refreshed.
Here are the top four:
1 ٩(•̮̮̃•̃)۶ 9676907

2 KiriQAQ 2947490

3 玻璃柠檬 2391,396

4 sia 2194,214
Tell me the gun you want, our gun customization rule is the name of the gun you want + the description of the gun + the relic carried by the gun.
See you next week!