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Symmodance » Bug Fixes and Issues

Changelog / Patch notes

Bug Fixes and Issues
  • Fixed an issue where the Augmentation and Item tooltip windows wouldn’t close in the menu.
  • Addressed the problem with the achievements “Resourceful Skipper,” “Loot-Averse Legend,” “Singular Warrior,” “Dual-Wielder,” “Triple Threat,” and “No Mods, No Problem” not triggering; they are now working correctly.
  • Resolved the problem where the augmentation “Mobility Trade-Off” was not unlocking.
  • The augmentation “Mobility Trade-Off” now grants the expected 2 extra dash stacks. An indicator has been added to the dash skill on the HUD, displaying the current and maximum dash stacks.
  • The augmentation “Opposite Forces” now provides accurate bonuses.
  • The augmentation “Precision Sacrifice” now correctly displays information on its tooltip.
  • End-game statistics now accurately display both total and weapon-specific damage numbers.
  • Fixed an issue where the stats display would overlap with the armory.
  • Items and augmentations held by players now display tooltips correctly when hovered over in weapon, item, or augmentation selection screens.