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Scarlet Tower » Bug Fixes

Hey Guys!

Let’s go through the information about update v0.9.4!

  1. Crosshair Overlay (New Control Feature): Instead of toggling between crosshair types, pressing the right joystick in a direction activates manual crosshair, while releasing it activates automatic crosshair.
  2. New chest drop animation, with more info displayed.
  3. Buffs/Debuffs are now displayed on the In-Game HUD.
  4. Added an icon representing each Hero’s Weapon Damage type on Character Selection screen.
  5. World Eater boss Health bar is now standardized (Same place as Vorax and Vorgron).
  6. A Tutorial explaining how Masteries work is now displayed during Loading screen.
  7. Familiar’s info are now displayed in the In-Game Tooltip.

  1. Maximum rank of talents reduced to 5
  2. Blood Drop now has a 3s CD to activate
  3. Shatter Bones now deals 40% less damage
  4. Enemies in the Scarlet Tower had their damage, health, and speed reduced by 20%, 15%, 25%.
  5. Brewmaster has been improved by 125%
  6. Chemical Flux has been improved by 40%
  7. Magical Reflection has been improved by 100%
  8. Antichrist Blood is now part of the “Priests” family
  9. Faith points now provide: +1% attack speed, +1% luck
  10. Occultism points now provide: +1% spell acceleration (CDR), +1% greed
  11. Perseverance points now provide: +2 move speed, +3% gathering range
  12. Darkness Knife had its damage increased by 80% at rank 4

Bug Fixes
  1. Vendor’s buying cost is no longer out of place on the UI.
  2. Gamepad’s Manual Level UP button is no longer the same as Show Map button.
  3. Chest Discard FX is a little less cloudy.
  4. Priest’s attack range is now fixed.
  5. Fixed a bug in which the Rune Upgrade FX were not displayed correctly.
  6. Runes are no longer interactable while enchanting.
  7. Player’s current Talents selections are now saved properly.
  8. Talent Tiers are now saved properly.
  9. NPC’s will no longer get stuck on Trees.
  10. Banish is now working properly.
  11. In-Game tooltips are no longer displayed over the Game Over UI.
  12. Fixed Frostfire description.
  13. Elementalist NPC ice hitbox fixed.
  14. Frostfire description
  15. Elementalist’s Ice is now correctly targeted by players
  16. Corrected icons for Vengeful Wrath effects (Templar’s Mastery).
  17. Corrected descriptions for Alchemical Mirror Charges (Alchemist’s Mastery).
  18. Proper subtype applied to Deep Orb (Elementalists).
  19. Blacksmith ability “Torn Tendons” no longer appears duplicated on Level-Up.
  20. Loyalty Points (Faith, Perseverance, Occultism) now provide attribute bonuses correctly.
  21. Loyalty Points descriptions have been changed for better understanding.
  22. Removed situations where Dark Servants (Necromancers’ Mastery) spawned upon completing the map’s NPC mission.
  23. Pilgrimage Staff and the Archangel Staff now they apply Smite correctly.

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