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Last Hopeless » [Bug Fix] small critical bug fixing and some quick small improvements

Bug Fix
– fix some level type of zombie can not be generated bug
– fix when equiped with default primary weapon, we still give primary weapon, which is confusing currently
– fix cabage money colleciton ability is broken bug.

– slightly increase WoodBarrier’s reload time change to 0.5s per level
– reduce knock back(repel) efffect of falling box to level 1
– reduce zombies number at early stage to 80% of first 3 minutes

As I have fixed almost the major issue, I will continue work on adding and improving, which include:
1. external system
2. clearer description and UI
3. item balance, there are still some weak items, and some items don’t have much unique skills
4. Boss refine
5. UI minor refactor
6. map event system and map refine.
7. game target and simple background story
8. graphic minor refine
9. compionon system

I am not sure I would work on all of them. But I am working on some of them.
The above thing would take about 1-2 mounth approximately.
fix free to report bug and give me any suggestion.