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Sharded World » Breaking news heroes!

Hero news! The explorers who came from the dungeon began to tell horror stories, as if their fallen comrades were getting back on their feet and attacking them. They also noticed that a strange slime-like liquid with yellow eyes was visible on their heads. They are sure that this slime is the problem. Pack your backpack and set off on a journey to figure out what the root of the problem is….

Our team is pleased to announce that we are expanding the Sharded World game universe and will soon present you a new game Sharded World: Backpack Adventure!

What is Sharded World: Backpack Adventure? It is an exciting game that will allow you to show your strategic and creative skills. In this game you will have to build your own backpack, purchase equipment, improve it and use it to defeat your opponents in exciting fights.

You are a zombie slime whose main power is to control the bodies and minds of creatures.
Taking over the bodies of heroes, slimes fight to prove their superiority over the rest.
Here you have a chance to capture the hero’s body, and finally enter the battle for recognition.
With the help of the hero you will be able to purchase backpacks and items from the merchant, improve and combine them to become stronger.
Create various interesting combinations of equipment that would surpass your opponent and become the strongest in the dungeon and show who is the boss of the house!
Learn more about the game here Sharded World: Backpack Adventure

And don’t forget to add the game to your wishlist!