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Snake Farm » Brazilian Portuguese update! + Free expansion announcement!

Hey, snake farmers! Super exciting patch today:

  • ÓLEO É VIDA – VIDA É DINHEIRO – DINHEIRO É MORTE — Added support for Brazilian Portuguese! Huge thanks to our localizer, Bruno Sampaio!!
  • Added in additional anti-cheat measures for people who weren’t stopped by my very nice note asking them to not cheat! The game’s backend has been updated to prevent decompiling, which should hopefully waylay most common cheating methods. With luck, there won’t be any more 1mil+ scores plaguing the leaderboard!
  • Finally added a version marker in the bottom right of the main menu! This is the third update since launch, so we’re now on v1.03!

Now, on to the REALLY big announcement: I’m working on a FREE major content update for the game! SNAKE FARM: THE CURSE OF RAMONA will include:

  • One new primary weapon (The Weedwhacker)
  • Nine new passive weapons
  • Ten new snakes
  • ENDLESS MODE (a very commonly requested feature!)
  • Meta-progression elements (all base game content will remain unlocked by default)
  • A bunch of minor UX stuff that i’ve seen requested
  • And more!!

This update is still very early in development, but I’m hugely excited for it. As previously mentioned, it will be a COMPLETELY FREE update — more content for everybody! No promises, but I’m aiming to get this out around late October. I’ll leave you with this teaser for the new primary weapon, the Weedwhacker:

I hope you enjoy the new update! And that you survive Ramona’s cursssssssssssssssssse 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍