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Brave Heroes » Brave Heroes is now live on Steam!

Brave Heroes is now live on Steam!

As a casual, colorful, magical action RPG, Brave Heroes does many things as other games in its genre
There are Heroes, Pets, Powers, Permanent skills, and Animals waiting for you!

Early Access Content:

8 Heroes: Heroes are playable characters in Brave Heroes, each has a unique skill. Some have mobility skills, some have attack skills.

18 Powers: Powers are the cool magical abilities to kill enemies. Some of them are automatically used and some can be controlled manually.

8 Pets: Pets are self-explanatory. They help you with some stats or gameplay features.

16 Permanent skills: These are RPG skills that give you some stats like any other RPG game.

14 Animals: Animals give you temporary buffs during your run, you can not survive without them.

With all these features, Brave Heroes launched on Steam as early access. There will be much more unique content as time passes.

Have Fun Playing It 😀