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Skybreakers » Brand-new Artifact arrives! Version V1.2.5

Dear players and friends:

We bring you two brand-new Artifacts ːsteamhappyː. We look forward to your exploration and development.

The talent system also welcomes a refresh function, making it easier for everyone’s strategies to make ːsteamthumbsupː.

Here are the specific updates:
Version V1.2.2-V1.2.5

New Features:
1、New Artifact- Free-Spirited Fan
+1 count for all forms Combos
+10 ATK upon reaching 300 COMBO(Once per Wave)

Unlock conditions: Achieve a combo of 500 in a single battle.

2、New Artifact – Purple Gold Gourd
Start each battle at half health
Killing Spree proc chance +10%
+5 Attack for each Killing Spree or Life Tap. The bonus lasts for the wave.

Unlock conditions: Blood Drain 10 times in a single battle.

 3、Added talent refresh function, with 5 chances per battle by default.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed an issue in the English version where Artifact descriptions were incorrect;
2. Fixed a bug where, in some cases, the completion record would show 2 identical entries;
3.Fixed the explanations in the Ability Encyclopedia;
4. Fixed an issue where dashing kills elites would grant an additional +1 Dark Iron. All units now settle the Dark Iron +1 upon killing with Secret Technique;
5.Fixed an error in the English version description of [Bell of Taiyi].