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Bounty of One » Bounty of One Full Release

Hello fellow Outlaws!

This is it! The final moment has come! Bounty of One is out of Early Access!

As always, I’d like to start by thanking all of you out there! Being able to come this far would not have been possible without you continued support! It is your achievement as much as it is ours! We never thought we would be able to come this far, it is only our second game to be fair and, after all, we came all the way from this…

To this…

Now let’s start with the juicy bit of today’s announcement: What’s new in the game on release? For those who joined the public beta version, you might already be familiar with some of those but, for the others, let me tell you what you can expect!

First, we rebuilt the way the Super Black Market works in the game. As many of you requested, you will now be able to use the Super Black Market without being locked out unlocking achievements and posting highscores! To make the SBM somewhat balanced however, we changed some of the perks it gives you (check out the changes within the content section) and, most importantly, we created a real challenge for you to overcome: The Necromancer’s Pact!

The release officially introduces the Necromancer’s Pact, a cursed piece of paper that will allow you to skyrocket the infamy level up to 50 (instead of the previous maximum of 18). Up to infamy level 10 your progression in the game is similar than it previously was(though level 10 is now effectively as hard as level 18 used to be). From then on out, however, you’ll be able to choose your difficulty by allowing points in the pact, you create your own challenge with thing as crazy as “Enemies’ projectiles now bounce up to 2 times on the side of the screen” or “Enemies’ life increases by 150% every time you kill a sheriff”. Get ready for a challenge!

Secondly, for those who haven’t seen her yet, Ruthless Ruth charges into the deserted lands surrounding Greenhills and her loyal “children” follow in her footsteps, the Bully Brawlers! Get ready for an epic fight!

Thirdly, we added three new tabs in the encyclopedia! For those who like lore, you’ll be able to learn about each enemy’s type in the game as well as read the backstory of each character. The last tab is the credits, can’t release without a proper credit menu 🙂

Fourthly, we also added 3 new languages: Korean, Japanese and Spanish. We also updated all the languages that were already available. We did our best to try and translate all of them properly but we can only do so much, we are not polyglots unfortunately. If you’d like to help us improve the translations or even just share your feedbacks and ideas, feel free to join our discord and reach out directly to us! We welcome any help!

We also made the game for Linux and Mac.

Finally, we also added 3 new objects and 14 new achievements. Discover them in the game or in the contents below!

To wrap things up, as usual, we fixed some bugs, balanced a few things, improve some visuals and sounds, you know the drill. You can read the full patch note below.

Again, thank you all for your support, we would not have been able to do this without you! To celebrate with you all, we organized a give away for you to take part in you can fin all the details here:

We hope that you’ll keep following OptizOnion for our next projects to come!



    New enemies and new boss

  • The Bully Brawlers join the fray
  • Ruthless Ruth is ready to fight!
    New Objects

  • Pistorang: A pistorang constantly spirals around you. It inflicts your damage to enemies it goes through and shoots at your current attack speed.

  • Lucky Star: Gain an immunity to enemy damage each time you level up. The immunity lasts for 5 seconds. You gain 50% move speed and inflict damage to enemies you go through while it lasts.

  • Counterfeit Gold Nugget: Before dashing, toss a fake gold nugget to attract enemies, enemies in its range gain +50% movement speed and drop twice the coins. It lasts for 5 seconds. Gain 1 dash. +5 sec base dash cooldown.
    New infamy system

  • The Necromancer Pact replaces infamy levels after level 10. You can now climb to infamy level 50 thanks to it!
  • New enemies tab: Discover the backstories of all the enemies in the game
  • New character tab: Discover the backstories of all the characters in the game
  • New Credits Tab
    Reworked Super Black Market
  • Lost and found Goods (level 1): Gain x(up to five) chests at the start of the game-> Gain a chest at the start of the game if you have beaten a sheriff in the previous run (level 1) / Gain a sheriff’s chest at the start of the game if you have beaten a sheriff in the previous run (level2)
  • Legendary training: Gain 1 banish reroll for your upgrades per game
  • Pocket Black Hole: Gain x(up to 2) banish reroll for your upgrades per game
  • Metal Detector : Enemies have 5% chance of dropping coins twice (up to 30%)
  • Fidelity Chest : The 4th chest dropped on the floor is doubled
  • Blessed Ring : Mythic upgrades have a very low chance of appearing in level up choices
  • Lucky Star: Raise the chance of generating an additional choice in chest by x%(up to 50)
    Four Leaf Clover: Raise the chance of generating an additional choice for your upgrades by x% (up to 50)
  • Auctionable Wares: Deleted
  • Dusty Scrolls: Deleted
  • Secret Techniques Scrolls: Deleted
  • Nitro-infused Protein Bar: Deleted
  • Loaded Die: Deleted
  • Fated Die: Deleted
    Black Market

    Ridged Barrel: Level max = +1 common Damage upgrade -> Level max = +2 common damage upgrade

  • Modified Trigger: Level max = +1 common Attack Speed upgrade -> Level max = +2 common Attack Speed upgrade
  • Metal Plate: Level max = +1 more health points -> Level max = +3 more health points
  • Air Boots: Level max = +10% Move Speed -> Level max = +20% Move Speed
  • Broken Magnet: Level +10% Attraction Range -> Level max = +20% Attraction Range
  • Loaded Die: Level max = 2 rerolls -> Level max = 3 rerolls
  • Fated Die: Level max = 2 rerolls -> Level max = 3 rerolls
  • Lucky Star: Deleted
  • Four Leaf Clover: Deleted
    New languages
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Updated all the current languages to be on pair with the release content
    Daily Struggle
  • All projectiles are 50% slower modifier added

    We now have a total of 99 achievements!
    All achievements requiring you to kill the undertaker with a character now unlock an object

  • Demi-God
  • Artemis’ Emissary
  • Bury the Dead
  • Blessed
  • Legendary Archer
  • Legendary Sheriff
  • Legendary Spirit
  • Legendary Crook
  • Legendary Ninja
  • Legendary Construct
  • Legendary Canoneer
  • Legendary Rogue
  • Pro Legend For Hire
  • Hero of Old
  • Beacon of Hope
  • Godly Paladin
  • Ascended Hero
  • Incredible Feat I, II, III, IV & V
  • Amazing Feat I & II
  • Something Up Your Sleeves
  • Catch Me IF You Can
  • Immunity after chest and level up +1s
  • Dashing through projectiles now destroy them
  • Black Market and Super Black Market prices balancing
  • Fan of Knives – Rarity : Rare -> Epic
  • Fan of Knives – Gain 1 stack of knife for each 2 shots you make -> Gain 1 stack of knife for each 1 shot you make
  • Fan of Knives – Max stack: 15 -> 30
  • Tesla Field – Base Area of Effect range is 15 % bigger
  • Tesla Field – Projectile slowing effect : 40% -> 60%
  • Lucky Strike – Rarity : Epic -> Rare
  • Mezcal Mantle – Projectile spawned : 26 -> 36
  • Running on Fumes – Damage bonus : 20% -> 30%
  • Brainsuckers (Shooting enemies) – Projectiles become bigger over time.
    Visual improvements
  • Map is now randomized
  • Victory FXs have been added
  • Chest animation now correspond to the rarity of the chest
  • Characters now have visual clue when they are invulnerable
  • Enemies attack preview are popping more (especially during night)
    Sound improvements
  • Changed sound for chest opening
  • New sounds for victory screen
    Quality of life
  • Game is available on Mac and Linux
  • You can now reset your progression if you’d like to start the game anew
  • You have access to a “Dark Mode” within the settings
  • You can now see the infamy level at which you beat the game in character select for each different character
  • The game has ingame window mode for unusual resolutions
  • A new announcement panel is available in main menu
  • You can now see the current run’s modifiers from the menu and when hovering on the “start” button in character select
    Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue were exiting the object tab in the encyclopedia would freeze the game
  • Loaded gun achievement (Kill undertaker with Nigel) now appears on Steam
  • Fixed an issue were objects and gamemode unlocks would get on top of each other in the main menu
  • Upgrade and object screen cannot be shown at the same time in some cases
  • Fixed an issue were the game would unpause in multiplayer choice panel when you take the object “Lucky Belt” and gain a level)
  • Fixed invulnerability frame sometimes not lasting enough time (mainly during dashes)
  • Enemies no longer spawn inside the screen when moving very fast
  • Player character now stop turning around during their death animation
  • Tumbleweeds should not leave the screen anymore