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Bounty of One » Bounty Of King Bundle

Hello fellow outlaws and aspiring rulers!

We’ve got some exciting news to share with you!

In the spirit of supporting our fellow game creators and celebrating the diverse world of indie gaming, we’re excited to team up for a special event. Introducing the “Bounty Of King” bundle, in honor of “Just King’s” release from early access—a game crafted by a skilled team of developers who share our love for immersive gameplay.

“Just King” is an action auto-battler with roguelike elements where you assemble a party to fight against fearsome kings and their armies. It’s a realm of strategy, heroism, and, of course, bards!

Both games are now available at a 10% discount, and this offer stacks with any ongoing sales, allowing you to dive into two different worlds of adventure and challenge.

Already own one of these epic games? No problem! The bundle adjusts, so you only pay for the game you don’t have – and you’ll still snag that extra discount.

So whether you’re looking to conquer kingdoms or survive the ruthless wild west, this bundle has got you covered. Grab this deal and embark on two distinct journeys where strategy meets action.