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Deadlink » Bosses of Deadlink – Lizz Watson

If you made it this far you know CEO Lizz Watson brings more than her stunning good looks to the fight. Time to take a look at the pinnacle of your foes, Agents!


Lizz Watson
Femto CEO

“This bitch slays!” reads her bio, plastered across the net, and don’t worry, you’ve seen her on TV too. Magna cum laude at Princeton, and a complete princess, she knew what she wanted. Femto was her chance at grabbing onto the C-Balls of “nerds” and “losers”. She took their flagship products and wrapped them in PR speak, spinning the investors around her finger and breaking the noses of those who broke NDA.

Of course, investments don’t run on lies alone. C-Balls were cool, but a nano-company needs something even more nano than her wasp waist. She is not only a role model and a fashion model, but the main model, the prototype of what humanity can be. Of course, she won’t mention the stolen patents or the off-the-shelf parts.

Lizz may have won many battles by outpatenting her competition and keeping the proper spin with clever PR, but in a fight she’s the real deal. No matter which Combat Shell you’re packing, Lizz Watson will be a challenging opponent.

Femto’s nanotechnology is more than a gimmick, and in combat with the CEO you’ll find her bringing facsimiles of your abilities. That means you’re in for a contest of skill and a test of all that you’ve learned in the many simulations that brought you here.

How did your encounter with CEO Watson go? Did you find out which of you slays harder? Feel free to share the results of your encounter and all the juicy combat experience you’ve gained in the comments.

P.S. Agents, we’d like to express our gratitude for all your previous feedback about Lizz. We hear you and we’ve seen your concerns about her difficulty and general enjoyability in combat. We’re addressing this with balance adjustments to enhance the fun factor – rest assured, we’re actively working on it.