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Fray Fight » Boss items, Cooldown Reduction Evolution, Balance changes, and More!

This update introduces Boss items to the game which are upgrades to existing items, but for stats you cant normally improve through the shop. They’re still good, but not quite as good as an evolution.

Boss items

  • +50% Ballista Firing speed
  • +50% Magic Missile Speed
  • +15% Shuriken Range
  • +10 Volley Damage
  • +10% Explosion Chance
  • +2 Brimstone Walker Damage
  • +25% Max HP
  • Full Heal (only shows up if you’re below 20% HP)

Cooldown Reduction Evolution
– After 5 stacks of cooldown reduction, your items have a chance to cast twice 10% of the time.

Balance Changes
– Explosion is now only a 30% chance (but you can gain +10% per boss item, up to 60% currently)
– Magic Missile evolution no longer gives +50% speed. Only Fragmentation and Range. (You can get the speed back with the boss items)

Other changes
– New stats tab in the escape menu which shows some very basic stats (we’ll continue to improve this as time goes on)
– New item list in the title screen which shows all items and their evolutions. (still need to add the boss items)