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Deathrun TV » Boss Focus: MegaStomp

Hey Deathrunners!

Look out for MegaStomp!

MegaStomp was created with bricks from evil buildings around the world, imbuing this monstrous creation with a hatred for humanity.

Initially created for trash disposal purposes in the maintenance section of the DEATHRUN TV studios, it become quickly apparent that MegaStomp would grab any opportunity whatsoever to squash studio staff.

Eventually, no one would step near trash disposal for fear of being crushed to a pulp, so producers made the decision to invite MegaStomp into the DEATHRUN TV roster where it would be allowed, nay encouraged, to stomp as many contestants as possible!

So if you step into an arena with MegaStomp, be quick on your toes because MegaStomp is dying to turn you into paste.

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