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Deathrun TV » Boss Focus: Goliath Grub

Hey Deathrunners!

Here’s another roadblock for contestants on the greatest game show on earth, the hideous Goliath Grub!

Found in a desert ruin by researchers, a tiny grub with razor-sharp teeth was captured for study but was diverted en route and found its way onto the black market.

Researchers for the show purchased the grub and brought it back to the DEATHRUN TV labs for experimentation. The idea was actually an ill-conceived green initiative to clone the grub and create an army of hungry grubs for eco-friendly cafeteria waste disposal.

As is often the case, things went in a different direction, and the tiny grub demonstrated an ability to grow when fed. Eventually, after devouring weeks upon weeks of cafeteria waste, the once-tiny grub was a true goliath! The green initiative was scrapped and the Goliath Grub became a DEATHRUN TV boss, ready to chow down on something a little…. fresher.

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