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Deathrun TV » Boss Focus: Eyeball

Hey Deathrunners!

With a beady eye on the contestants, Eyeball is no sight for sore eyes… Lets meet this gruesome boss!

Eyeball’s true name is unknown, and legend has it that it was once ripped from the skull of some giant beast when the DEATHRUN TV producers where experimenting with inter-dimensional programming (The real housewives of Shanbudria Biinax 11.. It didn’t take off, despite a compelling pilot episode).

No one really knows exactly what Eyeball wants, or why it decided to stick around, but everyone generally figured that trying to find your way in an alien world after being ripped from your home in the eye socket of some beastly horror can’t be easy, so cut it some slack.

As a Deathrunner though, Eyeball is in your way, and it has no intention of letting you pass. Keep your eye on the ball as you step into the arena with this boss…

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