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Scarlet Tower » Bloody Gates Update

Hi everyone,

After 5 long months of work, we’re here for our biggest Scarlet Tower update. Let’s go through the content list.

New world allied NPCs.


Scarlet Bridge
Scarlet Tower

Bosses and Enemies

Vorax (Scarlet Tower)
+ 24 New Enemies


8/16 new achievements have been added.

The achievements related to map progression, killing bosses, new weapons and specific enemies will be disabled in this version, as talent instability can significantly favor certain builds. They will be unlocked in the next minor patch, within 1 week.


Paladin Shield
Holy Spear
Pilgrimage Staff
Holy Scepter
Templar Shield
Divine Armor
Skeleton Staff (Summon Weapon)


Shield of Gods
Rebirth Spear
Archangel Staff
Clairvoyance Scepter
Faith Armor
Impenetrable Shield

World NPC’s


World Quests

8 World quests have been added.

World Talents

Over 80 new talents have been added to the leveling system.

Each talent family has:

One Mastery
Three Tier 1 talents
Three Tier 2 talents
One Tier 3 talent

You can only acquire higher-tier talents by obtaining the previous ones.

The talent system is tied to weapons. You only unlock a Paladin talent if you have a Paladin weapon, like a Holy Bible.

The new weapon/talent selection screen displays which family that weapon or talent belongs to.

Mastery System

All weapon families have a mastery, which is a parent talent that always appears when you acquire a weapon.

If you obtain a paladin weapon (holy bible), you will instantly gain the paladin mastery.

The mastery does not level up. To strengthen the mastery, you need to acquire skill points during leveling. These skill points are:

Occultism (to increase the character’s mastery damage)
Faith (to manipulate some mastery mechanics)
Perseverance (to increase the chance of mastery activation)


Banish System (for Weapons and World Talents at Leveling System)
Curse System (A new corruption leveling system for bridge and tower maps.)
Magic Damage Stat
Magic Armor Stat
Spirit Stat (It increases the effect of healing and health shields.)
Summon Limit Stat


All racial glyphs have been added.


New In-Game UI
New End-Game UI
New Pause-Game UI
Map Improvements


New translation for all languages.
Russian Language (Beta)
Ukrainian Language (Beta)


We have improved the data collection feedback for eggs and runes in the world.
Several minor interface improvements.


This update is extremely extensive for the five of us to test on our own, as the variety of builds has increased dramatically. We’ve released the update so that you can assist us with testing, as we’ve already sold over 70,000 copies.

We hope you’ll help us by reporting issues on our Discord ( We will keep a close eye on the Discord, with a priority on the bug reports channel (#bug-reports).

Frequent bug fix updates will occur in preparation for version 1.0.

Thank you very much for your help!

Next Major Update v1.0

New Character Silhouette

For the final version, we are preparing:

Endless Mode
New Character
Armory and Bestiary
Librarian System (For Build and Curse Management)
Ultimate System for all characters

If you’re enjoying the game, don’t forget to rate us on steam, it helps us a lot! 🧛‍♀️🙏🏽

Join us discord!

Help us by reporting bugs found or with ideas in the #bug-report #ideas discord channel!

See you in the next update!

Thank you so much!