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Fabular: Once Upon a Spacetime » Blast off with Fabular’s latest update!

We’ve just pushed a big update filled with bug fixes and changes to the game.

The biggest change is:

Undo Upgrades!

You can undo upgrades any time before you travel to your new starmap node and get all your resources back.

Full list of updates:
  • Fixed: Challenge screen settings no longer apply to Survival mode.
  • Each realm on the starmap now has a more distinct visual appearance.
  • Starmap boundaries are no longer as apparent as before.
  • The name of the current realm is displayed in the Starmap lower left corner.
  • Player ships now spend much less time in a helpless state after colliding with scenery or other ships.
  • Fixed: the heavy and perfect attacks of the Shuriken gadget now properly benefit from Rapid Fire subroutine’s extra projectile.
  • Fixed Shuriken gadget’s heavy and perfect attacks not having the same cooldown values as its quick attack.
  • Fixed a bug where the Sharpshooter enemies would stop acting after getting stunned by the player.
  • Fixed ranged damage modifiers not affecting beam-type weapons.
  • Idle Hunter and Idle Protector subroutines now have 4 levels (up from 3) and cost 5 Subcomponents (down from 6) with each level giving a +5% (down from 10%) bonus.
  • Fixed Ambuscade subroutine increasing all damage instead of increasing only melee critical damage.
  • Critical damage multiplier for daggers has been increased to 2 (up from 1.75).
  • The Ward-O-Mat gadget’s deflection area now ignores projectiles fired by the player.
  • Ward-O-Mat automaton now follows the player around more tightly and is much more agile.
  • Picking up an energy orb that you have dropped in the past (due to Discharger enemy’s attack for example) does not count as an energy orb pickup action anymore. Meaning it won’t recharge your shield if you have the Shield Mender subroutine and it won’t give you Kinetic Energy if you have the Kinetic Recharger gadget.
  • Survival mode begin button now reads ‘Begin Survival’ (instead of ‘Begin Journey’).
  • Changed the iconography of event choices. A regular choice is now indicated by a pointing hand, and a special choice is indicated by a star.
  • Fixed some typos in the Challenge screen lore text
  • An ‘Undo Upgrades’ button has been added to the upgrade screen. This button can be used to undo upgrades you’ve made since the last time you travelled on the starmap. This refunds all resource costs associated with the undone upgrades.
  • All subroutine descriptions on the upgrade screen have been revised and made visually richer with the addition of icons that represent the most important recurring game mechanics.
  • The bottom of the right panel on the upgrade screen now displays the requirements for each subroutine and their cost in a more prevalent manner.
  • Selecting a subroutine on the upgrade screen now displays animated arrows that pinpoint its requirement levels on each Main Attribute’s bar.
  • Purchased subroutines are now visually connected to the Main Attributes with an animated line.
  • Cleaned up colors and animations on the upgrade screen.
  • The Paladin upgrade subroutine ‘Abusive Relationship’ has been renamed to ‘Harmful Connections’