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Blacksea Odyssey » Blacksea Odyssey v0.9.1 Released! Has 6 NEW unlockable spears AND Elite Mode!

Ahoy, space-huntsman! Sorry for the delay on posting the patch notes! We added 6 new unlockable spears AND the unlockable Elite Mode – in which all of the enemies spawn as elites. o.0 Unlock the new spears – if you can 😉 We’re looking forward to hearing which is your favorite!

Blacksea Odyssey v0.9.1

Features Added

  • Added new consumable items: Nitrus Injector 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Added new elite enemy type. Poison Elite
  • Added new abyss asterfish enemy: Palebell
  • Added Lightning, Poison, Ice, and Stun damage HUD effects
  • Added new epic spear rune: Damage 4
  • Added new epic spear rune: Attack Speed 4
  • Harpoon damage now scales with rune weapon quality
  • Added new unlockable spear: Key Spear
  • Added new unlockable spear: Judgement
  • Added new unlockable spear: Brute
  • Added new unlockable spear: Dualshot
  • Added new unlockable spear: Bloodthirster
  • Added new unlockable spear: Lucidity
  • Added new unlockable game mode: Elite Mode – yes its harder!
  • Added new achievements: see unlockable spears and elite mode above
  • Added start screen

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed items overlapping in the belt
  • Fixed elite bosses not spawning as elites
  • Fixed game over and win music playing at full volume when music volume was turned off
  • Fixed The Seven Blights not dropping items
  • Fixed Ice Trail damage text to appear red instead of blue
  • Fixed Long Shot runes displaying improper damage per second
  • Fixed Poison Shot 2 displaying improper damage


  • Reduced Sandchawer’s health by 15%
  • Reduced Sandchawer’s rotational speed by 20%
  • Reduced Sandchawer’s max speed by 10%
  • Made Sandchawers less likely to stack next to each other
  • Increased Athrel the Fallen’s movement speed by 40%
  • Increased Wyv The Elder’s health by 30%
  • Wyv the Elder now chases the player when attacking
  • Increased Wyv the Elder’s projectile speed by 10%
  • Cthulhu’s arms now swing slower when you rip them apart
  • Increased the cooldown between Cthulhu’s arm swing attacks by 3 seconds
  • Increased Cthulhu’s health by 10%
  • Nerfed Mercury’s base damage by 1 and its attack speed by 10%
  • Increased Nethergoblin’s far ram speed by 30% and increased far ram travel distance by 30%
  • Increased Rackjaw’s head’s health by 75%

As we grow closer to launch, squashing bugs has become a main priority. Here’s some tips that help us fix bugs. Minor bugs can be posted to the forums, but we’d prefer that more serious ones be emailed to us with the following:

  • A detailed description of the bug and the context in which it occured
  • If possible, include steps that may reproduce the bug
  • If applicable, include a screenshot or video
  • As soon as the bug occurs, send us this file:
    C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonBlackseaOdysseyBlackseaOdyssey_Dataoutput_log.txt

Thanks for the continued support!

– Team Blacksea Odyssey