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Blacksea Odyssey » Blacksea Odyssey v0.8.5!!! With Xezemoth the merciless conquerer! :D

Ahoy, space-huntsman! This week we’ve released Xezemoth, the merciless conquerer! While he’s not for the faint of heart, he proves to be very very strong once mastered! Many of you found the Coup De Grace laying around in the Desert biome – think if it as our unintential Coup De Grace trial period – now expired haha. 😉 It can now be discovered properly within the Blacksea galaxy. 🙂

Blacksea Odyssey v0.8.5

Features Added

  • Added new unlockable character: Xezemoth
  • Added new achievement (see unlockable character above)
  • Added new legendary spear rune: Coup De Grace
  • Added victory and defeat music for the end game scenarios

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed Coup De Grace rune appearing upon entering the Desert biome
  • Fixed Megalarch’s eyes being difficult to rip
  • Fixed beetlings occasionally spawning without eyes
  • Fixed player getting stuck in Queen Verminess
  • Fixed sandspewers occasionally not attacking the player when re-activated
  • Fixed nethergoblins circling the player without attacking
  • Fixed dialog texts occasionally overflowing out of the speech bubble


  • Reworked star angels movement: circular movement should be more fluid
  • Reduced Rackjaw’s rotational speed by 50%
  • Made it easier to rip off Beetle Queens’ heads
  • Increased all star angels’ movement speed by 50%
  • Increased all star angels’ rotational speed by 50%
  • Removed fireball sfx
  • Split shot damage in character stats now better represents actual damage per second
  • Speed runes now display increased speed in there descriptions

As we grow closer to launch, squashing bugs has become a main priority. Here’s some tips that help us fix bugs. Minor bugs can be posted to the forums, but we’d prefer that more serious ones be emailed to us with the following:

  • A detailed description of the bug and the context in which it occured
  • If possible, include steps that may reproduce the bug
  • If applicable, include a screenshot or video
  • As soon as the bug occurs, send us this file:
    C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonBlackseaOdysseyBlackseaOdyssey_Dataoutput_log.txt

Thanks for the continued support!

– Team Blacksea Odyssey