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Neon Sundown » Black Market (v2.0) | Content Roadmap

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to push out a post about what to expect for content updates coming in V2. There has been some changes to how I’ll be bringing the update to the live branch, and I just wanted to go over all that in a post so everyone is on the same page!

Version 2.0/2.1 (Initial release)

The first live release of V2 will include the new “Black Market” store, which is the main focus of the update. The store will contain 5 ships, 4 arenas, 6 cards, and 3 menu tracks – all unlockable with the in-game power crystal currency. This patch also includes MANY new improvements to the existing game, such as the new bosses, interface redesign, dynamic card upgrades, and more.

Now the original plan was to also include trials in this, which is a new challenges feature that lets you unlock even more new content and power crystals by completing different sets of challenges on each arena. However, I’ve made the decision to segregate this feature and make it into it’s own separate update, which will be called the “Trials Update”.

Version 2.2 (Trials Update)

The trials update will include the new trials feature (obviously), along with 2 new synergy trees, master synergies, 3 new unlockable cards, and a new DLC pack that will include a new ship and arena.

The DLC pack (alongside any future ones) are completely optional, and will be priced very cheap. These are just to help with development costs, and allow me to keep working on the game past V2. I’ll try and keep DLC packs to a limit, and will always include free unlockable content alongside them.

Version 2.3 (Limited Time Event)

The next content release following v2.2 will include a new limited time event. This will be a progressive trials event where you work through a list of increasingly difficult challenges to unlock a special reward. After the event ends, the reward will be available on the black market at an increased power crystal cost, so try and unlock it while the event is live!

This version will also include another DLC pack. This will most likely be the last DLC pack, and like the last one will be completely optional and priced at a low cost.

Version 2.4 and onwards

I’m not exactly sure what v2.4 will look like yet, but I will try and release periodic content updates that will include new ships, arenas, cards, or synergies to keep the game fresh. There is a chance that another major release will go into development (v3.0), but don’t keep your hopes up for this, as it strongly depends on how well V2 does.

In regards to when all these updates will be released – when they’re ready. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to move away from estimating release dates as I’m always wrong about them. With that said, you can expect to see v2.0/v2.1 release on the live branch very soon, as the update is done and in the final stages of testing on experimental.

Let me know what you think about the content roadmap! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to let me know below or in our Discord server (

Thanks for reading!
~ Ben