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Hyperhell » Bingle update

Finally………… bingle.
Showcase vid here

-Updated bingle npc to have voicelines, provided by the incredible maia arson crimew 🙂
You can find it in the fishing minigame which is accessed by breaking all 4 blood canisters in the mall

-New weapon: Crescent Shotgun
-New challenge: defeat a shopkeeper

-Frax and Gupi will now do the caramelldansen after being idle for 2.5s

-Added new ‘encounter’ system where interactable npcs spawn occasionally throughout the map. These include:

1) the shop – spend score to get rare item! you can try to kill the shopkeeper for free swag but it’ll shut you out of every shop for the rest of the run. Also the shopkeeper has a rocket launcher.

2) chests – every time you open a chest, the odds of the next one being a mimic increases!

3) slots – sacrifice 1HP for a chance to win a rare item. Beware that once you start gambling the slot machine will close after a couple seconds, so trying to go out and get more health to gamble with is risky!

4) blood altar – summon up to 2 minibosses which drop loads of blood on death. you basically get to skip half the level, but taking on two bosses at once can be really tough!

-Added a guaranteed shop spawn right before the reagan fight, so you can enter the fight with a rare gun at the cost of like, half your score >:)

-Added 6 new minibosses which have a very low chance (literally like 1/1000) of spawning in place of regular enemies. These include: (spoilers)
murder meatball, evil grungo, lesser landlord, mimic, shopkeeper, and super murder meatball.
The chance goes up significantly if you get to 4-10 though

-made it so on loop 3 and beyond, coffins now spawn additional minibosses

-Buffed gatling shotgun ammo, buffed davy crockett ROF, slightly nerfed cube gun ROF