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VergeWorld » Big update to our demo version!

We’ve made a significant update to our demo version (0.1.15), so it now represents the current state of the game and includes all the feedback we got from you so far.

What can you see and play in the updated demo version?

  • An improved set of four tutorial missions that introduce you to the game’s mechanics more smoothly
  • A playable part of the first biome with access to the game map, missions to choose from, and upgrades for your airship
  • Updates and changes in the Easy and Hard difficulty modes
  • Easy difficulty now has the auto-aim and dead zone at aiming options switched on by default
  • You no longer get killed by colliding with canyon walls while playing on Easy
  • Updated in-game economy and simplified hangar menu
  • Updated gamepad controls – barrel rolls on the d-pad, brake and boost on LB and RB
  • Fixed issues with widescreen displays

We’d like to invite you to try the updated demo of VergeWorld and share your feedback with us on the forums and our official Discord.

Every comment and message is very useful for us as we’re at the stage of extensive playtesting, bug fixing, and improving the game. We want to make sure that you have lots of fun while racing through the canyons and completing missions in our game.

However, this process will take a little longer than we expected, so we decided to update our release window to Q1 2023. We’ll share a more detailed release date later on.

Be sure to wishlist the game and share it with your friends. Thank you for all your support!