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Monsterlands » Big update out now!

Biggest Changes
New Map

Winter themed map with lots of new enemies

New Player Characters

Special property: +20% damage (all weapons)

Robin Cap
Special property: +25% movement speed

Special property: +100 max. health

Special property: +25% weapon attack area (all weapons)

Special property: +15% critical damage chance (all weapons)

New Weapons

Thunder Bolt
Creates lightning which attacks nearby enemies

Throws potion and damages enemies in poison area

Holy Nova
Heals player when enemies get hit by holy nova

Shooting Star
Falls onto enemy and damages nearby enemies

Fire Ball
Burns enemies which got hit by the fire ball

New Special Items

Makes player immune for a short period of time

Holy Heart
Completely restores health of the player

New Soundtracks

Five new soundtracks so you don’t get bored of the music too fast 🙂

Small Changes
  • Improved texture for: Knight, Lancelot, Merlout
  • Knives now target the nearest enemies instead of flying in walking direction
  • Increased attack area of sword
  • More chickens!
  • Various small bug fixes