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City of Beats » BIG UPDATE: New Weapon, Key Rebinding & More

Hey all, we’ve been working on this update for the past few weeks and are excited to finally release it!

Here’s what’s new & changed:

New Features
  • The Acid Linkgun is now available in the game once you’ve defeated the second district’s mini-boss! It shoots deadly acid beams that connect to enemies or burst them down, all while playing pleasant melodies. There’s also a new achievement that you’ll unlock when finishing a run with the Acid Linkgun.
  • Key Rebinding is now available in the Controls menu!
  • decreased HP of most bosses by up to 20%, as they were a bit too sponge-y
  • significantly increased the damage of projectiles reflected by your barrier, which is especially helpful against those beloved sniper enemies
  • slightly reduced Fragment & Gold Orb drops from enemies & Zeitgeber reward nodes
  • buffed lots of Efficiency and a few Defense upgrades
  • increased initial trait limit even further (400 -> 500)
  • your upgrade shockwaves can no longer be blocked by enemy barriers
  • some more weapon damage tweaks (based on tracked gameplay metrics)
Quality of Life
  • tweaked visibility & scale of some enemy attack indicators
  • added a warning message when closing the Extensions screen without having selected all your extensions
  • Barry (when available) is now literally standing in your way – if you still don’t talk to him, you’re a bad person

Let us know how you like the new weapon here on Steam, or on our Discord: