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Solar Survivors » Big update! New items and mechanics

New mechanics

  • Rerolls have been added. When used, you’ll get a new set of upgrades to choose from. Rerolls are added by equipping certain ship parts in the hangar.
  • One additional equipment slot can now be unlocked and purchased.

New abilities and equipment

  • Flux Capacitor. Gain +2 rerolls. Unlocked by earning 800 stage bonus EXP across all runs. If you’ve already earned that much in the demo, the item will unlock the next time you start a run.
  • Regen Gear Adv. Heal 1% HP every 5 seconds. Unlocked by equipping a Hull and still failing a stage.
  • Heavy Matter Compactor has been replaced by Big Bullet. +100% damage, +100% size. Reduce bullets by 25%.


  • Second miniboss is slightly easier.
  • Changed some icons.

Bug Fixes

  • The reward window will no longer be off the screen when you’ve unlocked a large amount of achievements in a single run.
  • Fixed an issue where some SFX weren’t properly rate limited.