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Nex Machina » BIG Update – Gameplay balancing + bug fixes + start up crash fixes


We have just released a BIG update which balances the game and fixes lots of technical issues such as the start up issues for many users.

We hope this fixes a lot of reported issues and we keep monitoring the game and the community!

If you still experience start up issues or crashes during the gameplay, please state the following info to us:

– CPU (processor model)
– GPU (graphics card model)
– Memory amount
– Windows version (remember to state is your Windows 32bit or 64bit)

PLEASE also send the MINIDUMP file to us which should be created into game’s install folder.

v1.05 0051.007 – July 6th, 2017
Gameplay balancing + bug fixes

Please note that this patch disables all old replays recorded with older version of the game.

* Fixed Windows 7 start up crash issues
* Crash fixes in rare cases
* Added minidump support (when game crashes, please send the minidump to Housemarque)
* Added more information to Steam init failure message
* Added auto detection for input type in menus for controller & keyboard+mouse
* Added warning message box about low GPU memory

* Optimized fluid rendering

* Fixed network connection detection when using virtual interfaces
* Tweaked communication logic with the server

* Added initial 21:9 support for testing purposes
– Known issues are:
– Menus doesn’t support 21:9
– HUD doesn’t support 21:9
– Enemy arrow indicators aren’t near the borders of the screen
– Videos are using 1080p resolution

* Rookie: on final death, player drops all equipped powerups minus one
* Experienced: on final death, player drops all equipped powerups minus one
* Hero: Balanced more
* Hero: Added new gameplay
* Hero: Added shockwaves
* Hero: Disable restarts
* Hero: Player always starts with all powerups
* Hero: Player doesn’t drop powerups when dying
* Hero: Changed maximum multiplier to 999

* Added extra speed to tokens gravitating towards player from a large distance
* Fixed tokens getting pushed in the wrong direction when spawned inside a wall
* Fixed special ability tokens not being absorbed during level end sequence
* Fixed invincibility from special abilities (Smartbomb, Powershot etc.) disallowing players to move through dark beams
* Standardized player weapon damage against environment blocks + special exits to make upgraded shots feel more consistent (and less grindy)
* Fixed “All Humans Saved” World Complete bonus (awarded when saving all normal + secret humans)
* Fixed “Conqueror” World Complete bonus (awarded when saving all humans + finding everything else in the World)

* Longer invincibility time when respawning
* Added Dash Melee animation
* Buffed Sword
* Small nerf to Smartbomb (recharge time, invincibility time, damage radius)
* Powershot explosion doesn’t trigger revenge bullets
* Fixed Smartbomb activation during triple dash allowing 4x dashes

* Added floating animation to humans

* Tweaked some enemy collisions
* Fixed Disruptors spawning outside of gameplay area
* Crusher Ranged enemy telegraphs it’s attack better now. Difficulty based
* Disable dark beam collisions of Crusher Ranged when its arm is not extended
* Tweaked turret collision radius (slightly larger to make it easier to hit)
* Reduced water bot health on harder difficulties

Yeti Kong Boss
* Destroy Yeti Kong’s falling rocks upon boss death
* Destroy Yeti Kong’s barrels upon boss death
* Tweaked effects for Yeti Kong
* Tweaked Yeti Kong collisions to match visuals better

Helltron Boss
* Small balancing tweaks

Supreme AI Boss
* Balanced Supreme AI
* Fixed starting position of the enclosing beam attack of Supreme AI
* Fixed camera following during Supreme AI intro sequence

Nex Machina Boss
* Fixed Nex Machina being updated during game over screen
* Fixed Nex Machina lazer eye attack timing

World 2
* Tweaked visual look of the worlds (lighting, adding a bit more assets)
* Tweaked gameplay a bit

World 4
* Level 01 – Fixed being able to burrow into undesired area
* Tweaked visual look of the worlds (lighting, adding a bit more assets)
* Tweaked gameplay a bit
* Level 10 – Fixed an issue where some blocks would remain invisible on the playfield after destruction

World 5
* Tweaked visual look of the worlds (lighting, adding a bit more assets)
* Tweaked gameplay a bit
* Level 14 – Fixed an issue where players could enter a part of the level they weren’t supposed to

World 6
* Tweaked visual look of the worlds (lighting, adding a bit more assets)
* Tweaked gameplay a bit
* Level 4 – Fixed an issue where the gameplay flow would freeze sometimes
* Level 15 – Fixed beams abruptly killing the player

* Remove all power-ups from player at the moment of final death (so they don’t show up on HUD before the continue screen)
* Remapped Dash and Special recharge bar values slightly to match min/max bar visuals correctly
* Keep player hitbox always visible during boss fights

* Proceed from title screen with any key
* Changed keyboard ENTER and TAB button icons

* Added yellow bullets for player 2 in co-op (matches the player color)
* Fixed special weapon token gravitating to player with another special weapon already equipped in co-op
* Fixed crash during Yeti Kong boss battle when other player picks up extra life
* Fixed dash reset on respawn to apply only to respawned players

* Fixed Hero difficulty replays
* Fixed replay issues in rare cases
* Fixed replay issues between AMD and Intel processors
* Fixed Nex Machina boss replay issues

* Added beam hit particle effect when dashing through damage shapes
* Tweaks to bullet fade
* Tweaked level transitions to eliminate some cases where transitions looks bad
* Tweaked Nex Machina boss effects

* Removed “The culling – Assassin” feat as such enemy doesn’t exist in the game
* Unlock complete Hero feat when destroying Supreme AI

* Updated trophy icons
* Changed platinum trophy name
* Tweaked some trophy descriptions for various languages
* Fixed various trophies which weren’t unlocked in given time in trophy’s description
* Fixed arcade complete trophies not unlocking on Supreme AI death
* Fixed bunch of trophy descriptions on Polish for Steam

* Added some missing Chinese characters
* Added some missing Japanese characters
* Minor localization fixes in various languages
* Tweaked Polish translation

* Added audio effect for pre-death hit for player

* Added ending videos

More info can be found from: