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Sharded World » Big update!

Greetings heroes we bring you a major update on which we worked in sweat and brought a lot of new things, I hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the new changes because we do it to improve your gaming experience.
  • Completely replaced the mobs! Reworked the mobs on the levels for more immersion in the game, animations became more quality became better.
  • Common monsters now have a variety of abilities that will diversify and complement the gameplay and game experience. Enemies have new abilities, now they have long-range attacks they shoot at you keep at a distance and send meteorites at you! Be careful some can explode.
  • improved game balance!, now the experience of the game will be more enjoyable thanks to some game balance changes.
  • new game mechanics, the addition of new mechanics will diversify the gameplay of the game you will have to dodge to keep track of different mobs to not get more damage thanks to this game will be more dynamic and exciting
  • optimization of the game, although the game has become a little bit bigger, but our wizards developers have made it so that you can play with comfort!
  • fixing some game bugs.

In the future we are planning big surprises that will greatly diversify and improve gameplay, so wait, further will be only more interesting!