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Gatekeeper » Big Playtest Update!

Hello Gatekeepers!
Version is now ready and available for playtesting on the game’s prologue page – Gatekeeper: Eclipse.

Biggest change:
– Now, when activating the obelisk, you do not need to pick up an item. The choice of two items appears in the UI immediately with a short description. You need to press [Q] or [E] to select one of them.

List of changes:
– Spirits from Sia’s totem sign now deal 17 damage instead of 30 .
– Keeper’s Mines are now limited in movement speed. They are less likely to surprise you.
– Protection from killing the gatekeeper with one shot.
– Flash artifact is now a different color to make it easier to distinguish it from Opal Eye.
– Totem indicators appear on the screen much earlier to make them easier to spot.
– Aurora is now much easier to earn money. Fully charging the totem now gives money.
– By pressing [TAB] during gameplay, you can now read skill descriptions. To do this, hover over them with the cursor.
– Hybrid base speed increased by 1 unit
– Catharsis is now limited to six items. The abuse was previously impossible because while you are waiting for an item, the enemies become stronger. But many players spent time waiting for the timer.

– In the “objectives” some tasks were displayed incorrectly
– Hollow Talisman didn’t attack Keepers
– At low graphics settings, the colors of some objects broke.
– Changed the wording in the description of some items.

We fixed it all thanks to you!
We would be very happy if you continue to fill out the Feedback forms, letting us know your thoughts. Also feel free to contact us in the discord server.

Thank you,
Gravity Lagoon

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