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HellEscape » Big content and bugfix update!

– Fixed a bug that Magic Shield granted immunity to lava.
– Fixed Lava Snake blood color.
– Made XP bar wider.
– Made Lave River enemies stronger.
– Remade the ‘Lava Blob’ enemy graphics + made them stronger.
– Added dead trees and big rocks to Lava River.
– Added enemy: ‘Lava Hut’.
– Added enemy (and mount): ‘Obsidian Golem’.
– Added enemy: ‘Lost Soul’.
– Added enemy: ‘Snake’.
– Added enemy (and mount): ‘Beetle’.
– Added enemy: ‘Skeleton Pyro’.
– Fixed Alchemy Tables to spawn slightly less.
– Fixed Treasures to spawn slightly less.
– Improved Sharp Shooter special ability to also emit critical during the special ability activation time.
– Disable bleeding effect from mounts.
– Fixed black screen blinking bug!
– Made ‘Entangle’ weaker.
– Made enemy meteors a lot stronger.
– Slightly reduced armor effectiveness for the player.
– Fixed mounts collision bug that made them randomly bleed.
– Made ‘Balls of Steel’ slightly weaker.
– Made ‘Lava Maze’ slightly easier by tuning down the auto-balance for this mission.