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Nanokings » Better late then… Devlog 4

Devlog 4

We had to recover from last alpha, next one will be more epic!

Bugs fixed:

  • Enemies getting stuck on Silverdust, Items & breakables
  • Death animation improvement on ferret
  • Text for all items, pickups & weapons
  • Character collider improved
  • Knockback is pushing and sliding enemies towards player
  • Items stacking
  • Character walking through rocks
  • Breakable objects in map spawning on top of other assets
  • Health bar and exp bar text info
  • Elite not spawning
  • Enemies clumping up
  • Experience bar not working + change colour to purple
  • The background movement
  • Improved death animations


  • Code clean-up and refactoring
  • Using object Pooling
  • Game data layer implementation for stored power ups


  • Gameplay Scene UI Implementation
  • UI Kit
  • On Pause Menu
  • Mouse pointer implementation in UI
  • Death page UI
  • UI design of the weapon of choice in the beginning
  • UI design of the power up screen in start
  • Level up and pop up UI

Assets added:

  • Poison status effect icon
  • Fire damage status icon
  • Shred armor status effect icon
  • Power Shred armor status effect icon
  • Radiation damage status effect icon
  • Stun status effect icon
  • Electric damage status effect icon
  • Bleeding damage status effect
  • Damage type increase powerup
  • Light source object increase powerup
  • Damage type critical chance powerup
  • Movement speed powerup
  • Main menu UI
  • Skull currency
  • Gears currency
  • Tooth currency
  • Map 4 times bigger
  • Background improvement
  • Stone wall on left and right of the map
  • Boss Zulak


  • Tribes
  • Breakable objects as in light sources
  • Easter eggs
  • Zulak backstory

See you out their steampunk vikings!