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Whisker Squadron: Untitled Space Game » Beta version 0.27 released

We’ve just released the 0.27 beta for our private beta testers!

This last month, Sean and Aaron worked on fleshing out a new system we’re calling “Special Events”.
Special events will appear on your generated mission map:

Each of these Special Events will give you some sort of choice to make, or sometimes give you a bit of story related to your squad’s characters.

In some cases, you’ll have the option to take on a dangerous side quest, or opt for the safer route.
This feature is something we’ve been really excited about for a long time, and this build is just the first pass. We’ll get a lot more of these events in the final version, with some proper writing!

Other things in this build:

  • Lots of bug fixes related to music
  • New items to buy in the shops, and a better UI explaining what the items do

What’s next?
This month, we’ll be working on refining the combat. We’ve gotten some great feedback from you all so far on things like shooting, and we’re taking it to heart. We’ll be working on that, as well as the enemies and level design.
Thanks for reading!