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Raining Blood: Hellfire » BETA V 0.8.3 is live

Church Level Expansion:

The church level has been expanded to provide a more immersive experience.

Breakable Objects:

Players can now break objects such as vases and glass bottles.
Candle Breaking:
Introduced the ability to break candles for a more interactive experience.
Streetlamp Bulb Smash:
Players can now break the bulbs of street lamps for dynamic environments.
Breakable Barrels at Cemetery Gates:
Added breakable barrels at the cemetery gates for additional interaction.

Playable Organ:

Added a playable organ for players to enjoy.

Reloading Icon Placement:

The reloading icon now appears in front of the mouse cursor for improved visibility.

Bug Fixes and optimizations

Resolved the bug causing players to spawn under the boss, resulting in immediate damage and death.
Performance Optimization:
Implemented improvements to optimize overall game performance.
Bug Fix – Alkarion Positioning:
Fixed the bug causing Alkarion to be positioned incorrectly, allowing it to pass through walls.
Bug Fix – Sound Effects (SFX):
Resolved issues related to sound effects.
Reduced Lens Distortion on Explosions:
Lens distortion on explosions has been reduced for a more visually pleasing experience.