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Wild Legion » Beta Update Patch Log #Aug 17th

Big thanks to everyone who visited us on Game Tea in Chengdu ❤️

Thanks to your feedback, we did the following:
Gameplay changes:
  • Boss appears at the start now, and the aim is to kill it within chosen time
    Before: Boss appears at the chosen time, no finish time.
  • Added small tutorial for animal rescue gameplay
  • Added small tutorial for opening weapon S rank
  • Changed position for the “Continue” button
  • To get back from weapon choice screen press ESC
  • Made char HP be more noticeable
  • Decreased Silk Bag item’s drop rate
  • Increased the melee weapon range
Bugs fixed:
  • Boss teleporting in and out of the map
  • Magic and Melee weapons being active when building towers
  • Mobs not approaching player when near the map border
  • Achievements recording wrong data
  • Weapon gacha showing results prematurely
  • Red horned monster being displayed wrong
  • Skills being active during the time in shop
  • Tower icon pop-up when mouse hover over it