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Solar Survivors » Beta Event

The week-long Beta Event is here. Try a variety of weapon combos and get strong enough to beat the boss. What’s your best build?

How to participate?

Click the Request Access button on the store page and you’re good. If you request access before the official start date, Steam will email you when the beta is available.

What will I find?

Incredible gameplay. And if you don’t find that, please leave feedback so the game can become incredible.

What’s included in the beta?

1 stage, 5 weapons, 9 upgrades, and 10 legendary upgrades that re-define your build and mix up the playstyle between runs.

Each run starts by picking 1 of 4 loadouts.


Fire bullets directly in front you. Feels more like a traditional shmup. This weapon is powerful, but needs precision.

Fill the screen with homing bullets. Each time you get damaged or defeat an enemy, fire more homing bullets. Less precision needed for this loadout, but good tactics are a must.

Dark Matter Field
Purposefully ram into enemies and deal AoE damage to anything nearby. With the right upgrades, smashing into weaker enemies can even heal you.

A pair of linked weapons. Upgrading one automatically shares the upgrade to the other. Good luck focusing the power, as these bullets fire in a wide arc.

What’s not included?

The progression system. In the full game, each run will earn you crypto-gold and a chance at loot. These will provide permanent upgrades to customize your fighter. You’ll also be able to get clothes for your space ship.

Also more stages, more weapons, more upgrades, more content in general.

How to participate?

That was already covered. Question #1.