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Solar Survivors » Beta Event #2

A beta event emerges from a nearby nebula, and it’s packed with features. This beta focuses on long-term progression systems, improved stage design, and an ability overhaul.

How to participate?

Click the Request Access button on the store page and you’re good. If you request access before the official start date, Steam will email you when the beta is available.

If you played the first beta event, you’re already registered.

What’s new?

Buy, Equip, Unlock
Earn crypto gold (the currency of the future), and use it to buy equipment and earn new abilities. Complete challenges to unlock new items to purchase.

New Stage: Temple of the Old Gods
Fight a new set of enemies amongst a backdrop of ancient alien temples and volcanic rock. This new stage incorporates a lot of player feedback and follows a different approach to enemy design.

The desert stage from Beta #1 is still available for comparison. Which one do you prefer?

Stage Bonus Level
Playing a stage now earns Stage EXP that provides bonuses for future runs.

New Abilities and Loadouts
Nearly every ability from Beta #1 has been revamped. What’s the new best build?

The crowd-favorite Dark Matter Field was actually horribly bugged. It had an unlimited pierce stat and a damage radius far bigger than the graphic showed. Expect it to be less OP, but don’t worry, there’s a new set of dark matter abilities to keep the destruction going.

How to give feedback?

The Playtest Community will be live with the next beta. Drop your feedback there and help improve the game.

When can I play?

August 11 – 14