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Geometry Arena 2 » [Beta Branch] v0.3.7t2 Update

Update Log

Added 111 achievements icons.
Added 5 achievements related to Swordmaster and Charge. (lack of icons temporarily)
Added shadow for Defender Barrier.
Added shadow for Sword.
Optimized sword animations.
Improved the handling of Surge Mode.
Fixed an issue about Slash particle effect.
Adjusted values about Swordmaster.
Set a minimum interval between injury sound effects.
Added 3 Swordmaster modules. More modules are coming soon.
(More swordmaster modules and its resource/logic optimizations will be gradually updated in future versions.)

How To Get Beta Branch

1. Right-click on Geometry Arena in your Steam library.
2. Click on “Properties”.
3. Click on “Betas” tab.
4. Select “beta” from the drop-down box in the top right。


Please be aware that the beta branch may contain potential bugs, which could even result in save file corruption. Ensure you regularly back up your saves.

Here is the path of save file:
%UserProfile%AppDataLocalLow11 GamesGeometry Arena 2

If you encounter any bugs, please report them to me. I will fix them immediately (if I’m awake).


Your suggestions and feedback are quite valuable to me.
Please feel free to share them via Steam or Discord.
I’d love to hear from you!
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