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TYPECAST » Beta Branch Now Available


I added pad support, and a beta branch that is available to anyone, so you can check it out. It’s not totally finished yet, and some things don’t work, but I’ve called that out below. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Added a new control settings menu to the options menu.
  • Added gamepad support. Includes support for Michaelsoft, Sunny, and Pretendo button layouts.
  • Added an option to lock the mouse to the game window. Defaults to off.

Stuff That Doesn’t Work Right Now
  • Gamepad input doesn’t work on the pause menu.
  • Control settings can’t be changed from the pause menu.
  • Only the dpad can be used to navigate menus at the moment.
  • Button prompts in menus is still showing PC controls.
  • The tutorial isn’t set up to go over gamepad controls.
  • When dying, the orb appears at the mouse position.
  • God knows what else is broken.

Stuff That Is Coming Soon
  • Gamepad only leaderboard. I have a feeling that KBM users will outpace gamepad users by a lot, so one leaderboard might not make sense anymore.
  • Move speed slider in the options menu for gamepad controls.
  • Daily or weekly runs. Haven’t decided yet. Whatever I decide will have its own leaderboard.
  • Practice Mode. No leaderboard for practice runs, but you will have more control over the difficulty. Reducing game speed, turn off jamming, reduce the number of letters any one enemy can be assigned, and other stuff.
  • Full Steam Deck support.