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Battlecaster » Battlecaster 1.1

Hello! Battlecaster is receiving its first update today. See patch notes below. More to come soon!


  • Added a tutorial mission to introduce players to game and its mechanics.
  • Added a level selection map, setting the stage for future levels to be introduced.
  • Reworked the players mouse 2 ability, which now has to be charged up by dealing damage.


  • To make later stages less of a mess, enemy AI speed is now reduced slightly for each enemy alive on the field.
  • Nerfed Wendigo ranged attack. Needs needs to be further from the player now to cast, and cooldown increased slightly.
  • Fire Elemental land mines to now detonate on their own
  • Wormbeak fire balls fly a greater distance before disappearing
  • Increased the health bonus of the shop upgrade from +2 to +3
  • Claw is now blue rarity, up from green

Many unlisted changes can be found in the UI, animations, effects, audio, and so on. As well as many bug fixes!