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Battle Grid » Battle Grid – 1.0 Released!

Thank you to everyone for playing our game!

Included in the 1.0 release is the GAMEPLAY UPDATE.
  • New bosses: Face off against two brand new bosses if you initiate an extinction event after winning a run on the Moon or Ice Planet.
  • Dash move: Dodge and position your squad (SHIFT or middle click).
  • Alternate boss moves: Use the new alternate boss moves modifier in the ladder to see the new boss moves that have been added.
  • Manual aiming: Available in the options menu.
  • New enemy type: Exploding plant that surrounds players.
  • Corporate ladder now gives increased hex gain (10% per level).
  • Updated FX.

Progression changes
  • New corporate ladder items: No salvaging, less levels per perk, escalating shop prices (instead of increased shop prices).
  • Reworked Annihilation Protocol synergy: is now a hybrid synergy with guns and synthtech.
  • Reworked which synergies you can unlock in Grid Upgrades.
  • The Ice Moon is unlocked at Corporate ladder 5.

Balance changes
  • Ladder level gain on corporate ladder win increased from 1->3.
  • Synthtech Supercharge cooldown reduction decreased from 90%->50%.
  • Interest damage decreased from 100% to 50%.
  • Hex payment increased by 33%.
  • Venture Capitalist ZAR payout and damage decreased from 30->20.
  • SR Radio Gun (t3) (Self-intelligent -> Annihilation Protocol)
  • Orbital Drill Control (t3) (Annihilation Protocol -> Self-intelligent)
  • Apocalypse Launcher (t5) (Self-intelligent -> Annihilation Protocol)
  • Fractal Revolver (t2) (Subatomic Precision -> Annihilation Protocol)
  • Creeping Scythes (t2) (Annihilation Protocol > Subatomic Precision)

Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip was stuck during perk/level up.
  • Fixed an issue where tooltip would get stuck in main menu.
  • Fixed a few issues where CN and JP localisation was incorrectly formatting.
  • Fixed an issue where you could still move when dead.
  • Adjusted height on some spells that were clipping through the terrain.

Thanks again!