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City of Beats » Balance Update Notes for v20230525

This is another small-ish patch with a few tweaks, including:

  • slightly reduced the Blazemaker’s flamethrower damage and also nerfed the cluster grenade mod
  • buffed some of the Defense upgrades
  • disabled OpenXR plugins which could cause issues when a VR headset is connected (don’t ask me why they were enabled in the first place)

The rest of this patch focuses on challenge mode balancing:

  • removed Monday Morning (does not apply to real life, sorry)
  • switched some instabilities around between challenges for a smoother difficulty increase
  • “Red Dead Retaliation” now only triggers on the following beat
  • increased pull range of “Attractive Personality” projectiles
  • increased “Death Traps” & “Quality Is Not Free” damage
  • slightly increased “They Get Stronger” overall difficulty